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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Family Pictures

Nov. 23, 2012- It's been a few years since my family had family pictures taken so we got together and went to Memory Grove to have them done. While waiting our turn the kids were playing on the stone bridge and throwing rocks in. Before I know it, Joey is hauling Leo off the bridge football style and Leo is screaming! Turns out he was trying to get down from off the bridge and he wasn't quite tall enough to reach the ground and banged his eye on the stone and cut it open. We thought we were going to have to get stitches and quickly

herded the kids back to the van. By the time we got out of the park and the bleeding had stopped Joey decided it wasn't that bad and we went to a Rite-Aid instead and got some butterfly bandages instead. He got him cleaned up and went back to get our pictures taken. That is why his eye looks swollen in the shots. Poor kid!

School Halloween Parades


Oct. 31, 2012- Leo's preschool class had a Halloween party and the kids got to parade through the school in costume and get treats from the teachers 

Our pre Trick-or-Treating picture


Ward Trunk-or-Treat

Oct.27, 2012- Every year the Saturday before the primary program the primary hosts a Trunk-or-Treat where the kids can trick or treat and dress up. We practice for the program then have dinner and then hit the candy! Always a great way to start off the Halloween season!

Knuckleheads with a Camera

Oct. 19, 2012- This is what happens when Gus and Leo get a hold of my camera. Silly boys!

Cornbelly's Baby!

Oct. 18, 2012- We made our annual trip to Cornbelly's. This is a fun fall carnival type playland for kids and adults. It's at Thanksgiving Point and they have tons of activities, corn mazes, rock wall, swings, slides, etc to play on. It's super fun and we've gone the past three years now and the kids ask when we will be going starting in August! This year Candace and Adele went with us.

What cute monsters! Leo, Mom, Carly, Max, & Gus

Carly filled her socks with corn in the corn box

Adele in the corn box

Riding on the Cow Train

Leo's First day of Preschool

Oct. 17, 2012- Today is Leo's first day of preschool! He was so anxious to get to school as the other kids have been going for almost two months now! He is going to the preschool at Taylorsville High school just as his brothers and sister did. He is excited to go play and learn with the other kiddos! Have a great day my little Leo!


Where's Leo???

Oct. 3, 2012- One afternoon I realized that it had been a while since I heard from the boys. As a mom that usually means they are up to something or that they have escaped. I found Gus in the basement playing and asked him where Leo was. He didn't know so I proceeded to wander through the house and there is no sign of him. So I go outside next and wander around the circle and to the neighbors houses hollering his name this time as I am starting to get a bit nervous. There is no sign of him outside. I go back in the house and make a second round yelling his name and checking under beds and in closets and all those hiding places you don't look in on your first trip around. He is nowhere to be found. Then on my third trip into their room I catch a glimpse of his white hair camouflaged in the toy box and there he is! Fast asleep! I had to laugh a little and took a deep breath. He wasn't answering me because he was snoozing. I backed out of the room and closed the door behind me, leaving him to his sweet dreams!